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2009 Resolution

There are so many things.  I have so many things to do.  On the other hand, those things don’t matter as much now, as they did months ago.  I have this little book that I use to shelve ideas.  This is my to-do list of lists.  They’re not little tactical things like changing my blog theme, they are the time consuming business plans.  I only have so much energy for them.  My book is like the pensive from Harry Potter.  I remove ideas from my head, and place them in this book.  They are there when I need or want them.

This year is different.  I want to recapture something that I once had and lost.  It seems a bit trivial, but I believe will matter more in the coming years, and decades.  It is something that they may not teach in school in the next 20 years, and you’ll be happy you kept up your practice.  If you look at yours, it may be a trainwreck like mine.

When is the last time you sent a handwritten letter?  Not a postcard, not jotted notes on a post-it, but a real letter.  I look at my penmanship, and it’s illegible garbage.  I can’t make it out most of the time.  I’ve created a font before (it was illegible too).  It will be a lost artform in 20 years, only for baby boomers with bifocals, in retirement homes.  I will remaster this dying communication medium, even if the U.S. post office stops delivering.

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