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Buyer Agent – No shows – No calls

Do I have a right to be annoyed by this? Feedback appreciated.

  • Julie

    I used to work for a company that sold signs/lockboxes/etc for people going the FSBO route– it sucks because it is definitely way more work that doesn’t “pay off” until the very end. You are saving on money what you will spend in your time and effort. For that reason alone, the buyer agent really should show you a lot more respect.

  • taulpaul

    Thanks for the feedback Julie,

    It’s not so much work, really. We usually get a call the day before, and plan to leave the house for an hour. Then we’ll get a couple more calls while we’re out, and let the other interested buyers slot time in succession. I have no problem with being out of the house IF, they are coming over. I just find it completely rude to schedule time, and not come at all, without a call saying they can’t make it. It takes less than a minute.

    I don’t have many “hot buttons”, but I think I found a new one. :)

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