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The iPad Review – From a Toddler

I buckled.  I had told people in the office that I wasn’t getting one.  I lied.  Saturday morning came, and I got up, drove down to Best Buy Roseville, didn’t wait in any line, and was out in 5 minutes with the 16GB iPad.  I had left the house with the intention of getting one, if there were any left, for my wife.  I’m more interested in how my wife and kids use the thing, especially my 2 1/2 year old.  She has a lot of experience with our iPhones, so I was really excited to see how she used this bigger screen, and boy was I surprised.

Here’s the thing.  Most of use grew up with using the traditional mouse input.  One hand performs multiple tasks, and at most, two fingers are used.  This is why the iPhone / iPod Touch were an easy transition.  There’s a couple gestures to learn, and you’re off to the races.  The iPad has the ability to throw that all out the door, but the app developers haven’t caught up yet.  We haven’t caught up yet.  My 2 year old, immediately wanted to use both hands, and all her fingers.  No dice!  The SketchPad Pro app is wonderful, but it only recognizes 1 finger while drawing.  To be fair, there are a few other drawing apps that do recognized multiple finger inputs while drawing.  We’ll all have to re-learn how to interface with the computer to unlock the potential of this 9.7″ screen.  It’s going to take some time, some tears, and a little bit of patience.  I can tell you that my youngest children probably will never use a mouse, and it’s about time.

Designing for the Future (Literally)

I laid in bed, unable to sleep, like most other nights my mind zoomed through dozens of scenarios.  It dawned upon me that a logo design, that was a alternate concept for a client, was actually a perfect fit for a new project.  The thing that freaked me out the most, the colors matched exactly, and the shapes “hearts” made more sense for this project (which is heart related).  So how does a concept that was nearly 5 years old, find more a home that makes more conceptual sense?  I did the design for a project that didn’t exist, yet given a long enough timeline and enough projects, it’s bound to happen.  Has anyone else experience this kind of design deja vu?