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Using Online Media to Change the Stock Market

Yeah, it sounds a little crazy, but I’d thought we could try something different.  We know that U.S. stock market is driven by many variables, one of them being consumer sentiment.  I’ve seen online conversation and sentiment affect change in sales data, so I thought, why wouldn’t or couldn’t it change the Stock Market.  I wanted to do a test, but need a large enough test base to see what happens.  I will start this at 4 PM (Eastern Time) today March 3rd 2009 and I’d like everyone to stop at the closing bells on the U.S. Stock Market tomorrow 4 PM (Eastern Time) March 4th.  Let’s use postive adjectives and the hashtag #economy on (i.e. The #economy is getting better).  I will compile the results, and see what (if any) the change is on the U.S. Stock Market tomorrow.  It may sound silly, but it only takes a few seconds of your time to see what we can do as an influential group.

Update: I’ll try this again, but pick a public company.  This will allow for flexibility in participation.