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Don’t Give Me Those Eyes

Eve will be extubated around midnight. This means they’ll take the breathing tube out, and let her breath on her own. I can’t think of any other time where I’ll be happy to hear any baby cry more than that moment. She cries now, but since the tube goes past her vocal chords, there’s no air to make any sounds. It absolutely crushes me. They suction her tube about once an hour. This is usually the only time she wakes up. She gets pretty worked up, and she’ll kick her little legs. She’s even grabbed the tubes a couple times. I let her hold one of my fingers, while she looks up at me with her teary eyes wondering why all this is happening to her. I just smile back at her, and tell her everything will be fine. It’s all I can do to prevent myself from crying myself. They say she’s not in any pain. I hope that’s true.

  • Mom2Andre

    That’s great news! I guess we will never know if they are in pain, we will just have to take their word for it. All we can do as their parents is to be there for them; when our LOs see their mommy and daddy, feel their presence and love, I think that they are comforted by that and help them heal. I also think nothing can really prepare you for this journey, it’s hard because we have no control over certain situations, we have to rely on medical advice, we learn along the way, but on the overall, this experience makes you stronger parents, which is exactly what Eve needs for her recovery now and her life beyond. You guys are doing great. Hang in there. {{Big hugs to you both}}

  • Ang

    Oh man, those must be some tough moments. But it’s great to hear the tubes are coming out!

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