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Eve Heart Surgery Recovery

Today is the second day where Eve is kept sedated. She is on a breathing machine to take the strain off her lungs. This is basically a tube that goes down her nostril, and down her airway. She has a neckline that delivers drugs like Morphine and Versed to keep her asleep to keep her from waking up. Her other lines include a peripheral IVs in her hand and foot, a tube in her other nostril going to her stomach to suction any gas buildup, tubes coming from her chest to drain any blood or other fluids from her heart, a line into her atrium to test pressures, and a couple wires coming from her chest in case they need to use an external pacemaker.

It sounds like a lot of stuff, and it is. I have a few pictures, but have chosen not to post them. She’s a little swollen today, a bit more from yesterday. She looks pretty good, honestly I was expecting a lot worse. I guess looking at the big picture, it’s just a small bump in a long road for her. The first 24 hours are critical for her recovery, and the doctors and nurses say she’s doing great. I don’t know if they’ll wake her up today or wait until tomorrow. They needed to give her a paralytic drug last night because she started to move around quite a bit. It was a bit frightening to think that she was already trying to wake up. Our biggest fear is that she’ll be in pain. The docs have assured us that she’s on plenty of pain medication and the Versed is like a Lithium, so she’ll have no memory of this experience.

Devon Nicole House

Annamarie and I stayed at the Devon Nicole House for heart families last night. There’s probably a little over a dozen shoebox sized rooms with a double bed, and sleeper chair. It’s very cozy. I used the chair combined with a blow-up mattress, and let Annamarie have the bed. Honestly, I think I got the better end of the deal. We woke up this morning, and walked right over to the hospital (making a quick pit stop for my coffee). We’re just spending time at Eve’s bedside.

  • Mom2Andre

    Hi guys, it’s such a relief to see that Eve is progressing well. You guys are doing great, though sometimes I fail to ask how you are doing. Andre had his OHS at 3 months old, and he was ready to play a couple of days! It seems your little Eve is doing the same! Go Eve! I get so inspired by them ,love their fighting spirit, and learn to love life through their eyes! As always, we’re thinking and praying for you and Eve’s successful recovery.

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