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Eve Smiling 7 Days Post Operation

It has been pretty uneventful the past couple days, other than Eve showing withdrawal symptoms from the pain killers. It’s actually a pretty scary to see your kid going through drug withdrawal. She had Morphine post op, so they’re using Methadone (yes, the same drug for Heroine addicts, but smaller doses).  It is pretty amazing that this can happen less than a week after open heart surgery.

In other news, Ron, Isabelle, Andre, and Lynda came to visit us at the hospital today.  I can’t say enough about these guys.  They’re pretty awesome to take time out of their day to come see us.  We got to talk about our kids, swap hospital stories, and talk about the future of CHD awareness.  Thanks for the coffee guys!

Update:  I forgot to mention she played Peek-a-Boo for the first time today, and actually laughed…the laugh was a first as well

  • Laura

    All right! That cute picture has made my morning so far. She looks great! Sorry to hear about the withdrawal stuff. That doesn’t sound fun but is one of those necessary evils. I’m happy to hear things have been uneventful. Any idea how much longer Eve will be in the hospital? Have a great day and thanks for the update.

  • Mom2Andre

    This photo of Eve says a thousand words!! She’s going to be such a different baby now :) Joyful heart hugs to you all!!
    PS: Yes!! Let’s give CHD the awareness it truly deserves for all of our babies in this CHD community. We’re so glad to hear about your plans :)

  • http://prairieinet Karen Dyer

    Annamarie and Paul,

    I am a cousin of Al, your dad. I have just seen the picture of Eve! What a blessing to see her great smile. God bless her and her whole family! She continues to be on my prayer list!

    Karen Dyer

  • Michelle

    Ahh I’m SO sorry that she also had to go through the methadone treatments. It is VERY scary and heart breaking watching your baby go through withdrawl.

    I love seeing her beautiful smile! Amazing how these babes bounce back! 7 days post op and all smiles. What strength! God knows if it were me I’d be laying in bed moaning and groaning!

    I hope you all get to go home soon. I’m so happy to see the strength in Eve’s eyes. Congratulations to your whole family.

    much love from one heart family to another!!!

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