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Eve’s Cath Procedure

It’s so hard to see your child in a helpless position. This was Eve’s first invasive procedure. They’ll be placing two catheters in each groin artery that will go to into her heart. The procedure has two goals. One will be to get additional data like pressures in the chambers. The other will be to potential do an ablation to the extra node that is causing her SVT. Eve has Wolf Parkinson White syndrome, on top of her severe mitral valve regurgitation. The ablation procedure will hopefully stop any SVT (Supraventricular tachycardia) for good, and help her recover from the scheduled valve repair for Monday.

It was hard to let go this morning…very hard.

Update: We just got a call that they have the catheters in place, and successfully have taken the pressure readings. Now they’ll be looking for the errant pathway (node) that causes her SVT. It might be another hour or two.

Update: she’s out of surgery, they did the ablation, and got rid of the pathway. 90% chance for no more SVT.

  • Matt Albiniak

    thoughts are with you all. best wishes!


  • marrina

    Hang in there guys.. we’re sending good thoughts your way..

  • tyler

    makes me think about how my parents must have felt watching me in a hospital for the first 6 months of my life. honestly, I can’t even imagine.

    everyone’s got you guys on our minds; we can’t wait to hear news of a full, speedy recovery! all the best y’all. -tff

  • Laura

    Glad to hear Eve’s out of surgery for the ablation. And a 90% chance of no more SVT…….that’s awesome! Your family continues to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Ang

    Glad to hear about the reduced chances of SVT! That is good news. She’s such a tough cookie!

  • Mom2Andre

    From my experience with Andre’s cath and OHS, I know how hard this road can be. All you can do is take a day at a time, then one hour at a time, then a minute at a time. It will be all behind you guys soon. We’re praying for you all.

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