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Eve’s Chest X-Ray

Eve’s Chest X-Ray, originally uploaded by TaulPaul.

Dr. Del Nido and Dr. Triedman stopped in today to check up on Eve. I believe it was the first time we’ve seen them together. It was nice to have a chat with both of them. You can tell they have a great rapport. Dr. Del Nido talked a bit about some of the projects they’re working on for pediatric cardiac imaging. It was nice to chat about tech, as it’s one of the things I’m comfortable blathering about.

In other news, we saw Jennifer and Stellan come in today. They were in the CICU room next to us for a couple hours. I think they moved when I stepped out to get some of Eve’s stuff. It’s nice to see they’re getting help here, and another Minnesota family is nearby.  We found out about Stellan right when we learned we would be going to Boston.  I contacted Jennifer through Twitter, and found out several days later that they would also be coming to Children’s Hospital Boston.  I can imagine the concerns, as Eve had an Ablation to her heart in order to control her SVT and WPW, but Stellan’s case seems to be much more severe.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them as well.

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