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The Future of Online UX (User Experience)

There, I said it. We won’t be talking about “Social Media” 5 years from now. It will be roped into the practice of UX or Experience Design. How do I know this? Well, if I go back to my roots in online gaming (which I do for forecasting purposes), there was a movement in the early days of id Software and the game Doom. Gamers were editing, and creating their own game maps/levels (UGC). Some of the creators even ended up getting jobs in the gaming industry (sounds similar to Atari). Fast forward to today’s games. For the most part, game designers set the in-game rules. They allow for content to be created in their world, and give the players tools to enhance and build their experience, but ultimately control their world. I sort of see Facebook as a very immature version of a MMORPG, and whether it’s a video game or your life, they are both starting to look like games.

This poses the question, “Are you a game creator, or a player of the game?” This is where I see UX and Experience Design swallowing what we know as “Social Media”. I can tell you the average time a person plays World of Warcraft in a sitting, blows the average time someone spends on Facebook out of the water. To think that we haven’t even incorporated more than two human senses (sight and sound) into this game, is profound. When we get to a point with UX where we tap a third and fourth sense, it’s game over (no pun intended).

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