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Tweet and Meet Date and Details

Several weeks ago, my poor wife decided to try and throw a birthday party for me.  I decided to railroad the idea, and make it a Social Media gathering (a.k.a. Minnesota Twitter Users Meetup).  It was really just an excuse to have a party.  As I’m really good at leaving things until the last minute (so it’s really hard to get a babysitter), I wanted to formally invite all of you to this gathering/birthday extravaganza.


Date: Saturday February 23  8PM – 1AM (I’m pretty sure it will go longer)

Place:  117 Washington Ave. N. #3 (Next to Café Havana in the warehouse district)

Attire: Whatever you want (just make sure you have showered beforehand)

What to bring:  Your spouse, significant other, a digital camera, or video camera

Food:  Solera is catering a light list of apps.

Drink:  Don’t worry, we have this under control (you can bring Cristal or some Louis if you want, but you have to share)

Music:  We have a DJ or maybe two lined up…potentially a live performance streamed over the internet by Paul Dateh


Please let me know by ASAP if you can make it.  I’d love to see each and every one of you.

  • Aaron


  • Aaron

    I vote for March 22.

  • Aaron

    Woah, the comments above were… from before this post was here.

  • Alexis

    I’m planning to be there. Do I still get in if my digital camera is broken? Actually, never mind. I know how to get in through the back.

  • jacc

    Tenative. We have some Mpls plans from 5 – 9 so it’ll depend on how the wife feels afterwards.

  • datsro

    wish I heard about this sooner

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