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Help us decide a name for our baby daughter


We want your help deciding on a name for our new baby daughter.  Below is a poll of names we like, but if you have another suggestion, feel free to add it, or leave a comment.  Mother and daughter are doing great, and thank you for all your wonderful wishes!

  • justacoolcat

    Both Eve and Eva are very pretty, but popular right now. I vote for Davina ;-) Isley is pretty too.

  • taulpaul

    Thanks for the idea. I just found the name “Meta”. Now that would be funny.

  • Huson

    I Twittered a whole list of options. Isley is great especially if nickname is Izzy. Also love Mazzy with a short ‘a’ sound. Maz for short. Rourke is also hot.

  • Huson

    By the way, I voted for Eva, but Isley is awesome is Izzy is nickname

  • Mark

    Congratulations on the new addition! Any of those names are great. Be sure to get some rest!

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