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Massive Facebook Exodus


People leave for something better.  I’ve been hearing about the World of Warcraft killer for years now.  There has been none.  People complain, whine, bitch, and moan, but they keep paying their money to keep their account live.  Here’s why:

No one has been able to make a product to appeal to the masses like World of Warcraft.  No one probably ever will.  The era of Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games is coming to an end.  Yes, there will be a couple games that come out that will shake things up, but nothing will eclipse WoW.  It’s like the blockbuster movie, epic book, or pop culture album, nobody cares anymore.

So back to Facebook.  Will it die?  Like everything else, online…yes.  It will be a slow painful death, but you’ll never see anything as large, as everything else that comes after will be much more fragmented.  It’s ok, you didn’t like playing that Orc Warlock anyway.

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