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Morning of Surgery

We had a good weekend. Yesterday we spent several hours at Isabella and Ron’s place, eating and talking. It was so nice that they drove to pick us up from our hotel, and allowed us to get out of the hotel room. The amount of kindness we’ve received is beyond expectations.

I knew today was going to be hard. I don’t think this type of thing is ever easy, or gets easier over time. We were up at 5:00 AM, packing and getting ready to leave. I was a bit crabby, lacking coffee and just my overall concern over getting to the hospital on time.

We went through registration once we arrived, and the anesthesia team came along with the nurses to give her some sedatives. We held her for around 5 minutes before they carried her off. I got a few small smiles from her this morning. I’m happy for that.

It’s hard to articulate my feelings, and probably impossible to put myself into Annamarie’s shoes. I was up last night thinking about how I might not be able to see her smile for a few days, as they may keep her under for awhile to let her heal a bit better. Annamarie is more concerned to see her with a breathing tube. That doesn’t bother me as much. I know I’ll feel better when I see that first smile again. Then I’ll know everything is OK.

Update:  They just make the first incision 9:15 AM ET

Update:  She’s been on bypass for around 45 minutes and everything is going well  10:45 AM ET

Update: They’re warming her up and ready to restart her heart, where they’ll take an echocardiogram to see how the repair went.  If the regurgitation is within acceptable levels, they’ll close her up, and take her off bypass.  If it’s not, they’ll go back in and try to reduce it more.  11:45 AM ET

Update: She’s off of bypass.  Dr. Del Nido will be coming out to talk to us shortly.  12:15 PM ET

Update: Talked to Dr. Del Nido.  She did great!  +4 leak now at +1.  Leaflets a little thick at the ends, may thin out on their own.  Headed to PICU to see her now. 12:45 PM ET

  • Laura

    Glad she’s off bypass….that’s a great start. I’ve been thinking about you guys (and saying extra prayers) all morning.

  • Mom2Andre

    Oh boy! We know all about that wait. We’re praying non-stop for you all. We’re anxiously awaiting for more post-surgery updates. It’s sounding good so far.

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