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MXMW 2009

A lot of people have been asking me about MXMW for this year.  Honestly, up until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t given it much thought.  In order to understand what MXMW was, you should probably understand how it began.

I’ve been working in the interactive space since 1998.  I have NEVER been to SXSW.  It’s not that I didn’t or don’t want to go, but more like fate won’t let me go.  My first serious attempt to go was about six years ago, and each year it never comes to fruition.  Last year was my breaking point.  If you ask my wife, she might laugh about it, but I probably lost a few screws coinciding with the opening of SXSWi.

We decided to get a hotel room at the Water Park of America.  It’s a Radisson with the largest indoor waterpark in the United States.  I invited a couple friends to come along, and have some fun.  Who doesn’t like a good water slide once in awhile?

I have a weird sense of humor, so I thought it would be fun to parody SXSWi.  Not that I dismiss the importance of the event (I submitted a panel this year, which didn’t make the cut), but also feel for all the people that are in my situation.   This is how MXMW was created.   We brought laptops, a video camera, and had wifi to live stream, and become a small voice to distract the overwhelming #swxw hashtag.   I never had any intentions to make this a formalized event, but…

This year should be about you.  The people that never get, or didn’t get to go to SXSWi this year.  I know there’s a lot of you.  It’s a crappy economy, and budgets are being cut.  I think there should be at least one meetup.  Whoever wants to take this responsibility is a brave soul.  Let’s drown out SXSWi for one day, to remind them that we’re still stuck in the Midwest, and we’re pissed that it’s still 20 degrees.  Let’s have a few drinks, and talk about what we think is important, not some board of so-called experts.  Let’s make Jason Calacanis cry real tears.

That is all.

  • Cory Hendrickson

    I’m not usually one for making other guys cry, but I can make an exception for you in this case.

  • phil numrich

    Am I a total ‘tard, or are the actual MXMW details missing from this post. Small things, like when? where? and am I invited? Maybe if I don’t know, I’m not invited?

  • taulpaul

    Hi Phil,

    I’m looking for a hand in helping pick a venue. I’m checking on some spots, but my time is pretty limited on this, so if you or anyone else is interested. I’ll take suggestions.

  • Paul Jahn

    Pretty sure you can count me in. I’ve wanted to go to both the music and interactive SXSW for years but never have due to either lack of funds or time.

    Parody + great info = good times.

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