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Post Ablation Update

Eve Smiling, originally uploaded by TaulPaul.

Eve’s cath procedure was successful. Dr. Triedman was able to perform an ablation to get rid of the extra electrical pathway that was causing Eve’s SVT. This will help long term, of course, but short term this will allow for a better recovery from the mitral valve repair scheduled for Monday. We haven’t met Dr. Del Nido yet, but that should happen today. He’ll be performing the valve repair on Monday.

We’ll probably get discharged from the hospital today. We’re switching hotels, so I’ll be heading out to get our stuff, and check out of our hotel. Hopefully we’ll be able to get out a little this weekend.

  • marrina

    She looks so happy here..

  • mark holterhaus

    greetings paul. i am thinking about you and your family during this most challenging time. our thoughts and prayers are with little eve.

  • kris huson

    This is such great news!

    Could she be any cuter?

  • Laura

    Sending extra throughts and prayers your way today. I hope you were able to relax a little over the weekend and have some fun. I hope everything with surgery today goes as planned. I know today is a long, tough day……

  • Mom2Andre

    We’ve been thinking and praying for you all this night and this morning. I can feel every word you said, what Annamarie is feeling. It’s one step closer to getting your precious Eve well. It was such an honor to have been with Eve at Easter. Hang in there. Try to keep good thoughts during this difficult time. Dr. D is the best!

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