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Revision 3 Canceling Shows – Rev3

The word is out about Revision 3 canceling three shows: Pixel Perfect, Pop Siren, and Internet Superstar.  They are also not renewing distribution with Epic Fu, and Wine Library TV.

I’m not quite sure how Revision 3 decided on the cancellations for the first three shows, as they have multiple distribution channels for all of their shows.  It would be interesting to know what they mean by ” Just as in the past, when we ended shows that just weren’t building audiences or driving revenue, we had to make changes.

It is one thing to not have a large viewership, but did any of these shows have a loyal viewership?  How did they measure this metric?  Did the sponsorship to the shows that didn’t “drive revenue”, not match the loyal viewership?

It has been my experience, that a smaller viewership with more loyal viewers, typically has the ability to generate more revenue or conversions through correctly identified sponsorship.  Was their ad model wrong?

I also have difficulty believing how much it cost to produce this programming.  Wasn’t this content supposed to be cost efficient?  They could not have invested that much in building or distributing this content, as most of these channels and distribution are free.

I’m very interested to hear more on this matter.

Update:  There seems to be a lot of comments on twitter:

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