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The Phone Call is Dead!

Just like the death of the phone booth, the phone call is on it’s way out. How often do you reach a voice mail when you dial someone? How often do you actually leave a voice mail? Do people respond faster with text message? Do you get more rapid response off of sites like Facebook and Twitter, or even IM?

I’m tired of leaving voice mails, people never check them, or if they do, they respond after the urgency is past. I’m close to done with this medium of communication, at least done paying for it.

  • teresaboardman

    I am through with the land line. mostly machines call it. I would get rid of the cell phone too but I do get a lot of calls. . . oddly I rarely make a call myself.

  • kjrsten

    I don't have a land line. I rarely, RARELY get calls on my iPhone. I rarely make calls. My most recent telephone use was calling for an eye appointment, and getting the message when my glasses were ready. And the dentist calls to remind me when an appointment is coming up. But I never call anyone I know.

    I just started a new job, and I technically have an “office number” which rolls to my iPhone, but no one calls me and there is no physical phone on my desk.

    I'm all for it, I have always hated the telephone (even when I had no alternatives.)

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