Tweet and Meet


Midwest Minnesota Twitter Meetup


  • Mom2Andre

    Oh goodness. Ron and I were laughing so hard, but then we realized that you have bigger problems on your hands:
    1. Your e-mail must have been received by a 5 year old who can read but not write..oh wait…how do you get ‘son’ out of Eve… the world has changed that much?? But you did mention ‘daughter’…ok…now we’re confused
    2. It seems that you’ll need to translate what you wrote.. in English…oh wait…that was in English we thought…what the….??
    3. Copying and pasting text without reading recipient’s content is how they run their business. How do they learn to fly their planes? That’s scary!
    Seriously, this is very weak attempt in responding to such a great feedback. It’s too bad they didn’t take time to respond to it appropriately. Like you said, at least you guys tried, which is more than some would. Great work on that!

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