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When Life Gives You Lemons, Invest in Aluminum

I found this post by Jim Cuene the other day.  Part of it really resonated with some of my thoughts over the last year.

Finally, “make something great” doesn’t just mean “make something that exists better”. To me, i still believe that those that have been given talent, resources, opportunities and tools should have ambitions to make the world a better place. “Great” means having a social and historical impact. It’s not cool these days to be nakedly ambitious, but i’ll say it: I don’t want to leave the planet without trying to do something historically noteworthy. Even if it’s just in the company where i work, i want to leave a mark. I believe we should be shooting at making something, something that’s noteworthy, something that people will remember because it had a lot of impact or helped others, something that is great.

Life is all too short to settle.  Find the places where you can effect the most change for your talents.  History is a fickle SOB, so do what’s important to you.  I already know my biggest accomplishments are my children.  Here are my criteria for making a difference with the little remaining time I have left:

1. Does it extend a person’s life?

2. Does it provide a better quality of life?

3. Does it remove barriers for others to accomplish 1 or 2?

I think we all feel, at times, like Sisyphous.  Either you can smash the boulder, or find a different hill without a boulder.  The choice is yours.

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